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Now the whole-genome sequencing has gradually become an important method in the biological research. The next-generation sequencing technology significantly reduces the cost and the time of genome sequencing, so more and more laboratories can afford microbial genome sequencing. Due to new-generation of high-throughput sequencing platform, the powerful bioinformatics analysis platform and rich experience on sequencing, BGI can provide excellent microbial genome sequencing and bioinformatics analysis service. Up to now, about 800 bacteria, 100 fungi and almost 100 viruses genomes have been completed in BGI.

Experimental Pipeline                                                Bioinformatics Analysis


Experimental Pipeline

Functional gene study
Population evolution and comparative study
New drug research and development
Industry and Agriculture


High seq2000 sequencing platform
Strict library and data QC
Personalized bioinformatics analysis service
Cost-effective and short turn-around time
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