BGI to play pivotal sampling, next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics role in earth microbiome project

BGI and Sun Yat-sen University Announce Complete Sequencing of Grouper Genome

Signing Ceremony of the Asparagus Genome International Cooperation Project between BGI and Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences held

BGI and GT Life Sciences, Inc. Announce Complete Sequencing of CHO Genome

BGI’s cooperative research findings were cited in “Insights of the Decade”by 《Science》

BGI’s cooperative research findings were cited as references in “Breakthrough of the year”by 《Science》

BGI Selected as One of the 《Nature》’s “Features of the year”

BGI was on “The year in news” of 《Science》

G10K allies with BGI to decode 101 species within 2 years

Merck and BGI Sign Statement of Intent to Collaborate to Advance the Application of Genomics in Medicine

U of Copenhagen, BGI Finalize Agreement to Collaborate on Sequencing Projects

Ants genomes decoded with implication in studies of aging and behavior

International Team Sequences Genomes of Two Ant Species

BGI American Offers Sequencing the Chinese Way

Asians Moving Ahead In R&D Sectors

Tibetans adapted to high altitude in less than 3,000 years

Exome Sequencing Study Uncovers High Altitude Adaptations in Tibetans

Hong Kong benefits from the flow of foreign direct investment into Asia

Celebration on the Founding of BGI Americas and BGI Europe

The Genome of the Arabian Camel is Fully Mapped in KSA

Thousands sequencing in one lab

BGI Says Nearly 50 Reference Species Genomes Complete or Nearing Completion

BGI Opens Branches in US, Denmark; to Invest $10M in Copenhagen Site During First Year

BGI calls for more proposals for the “1000 Plant and Animal Reference Genomes Project”

BGI Says it Has Used the Illumina GA for De Novo Sequencing of Two Macaque Genomes

Next Generation of High-Throughput Sequencing Service of BGI Received the ISO9001 Certification

Chinese institute makes bold sequencing play

BGI and U.S. Teams Launched "The Symbiont Genome Project"

BGI launched "The International Big Cats Genome Project" to celebrate the year of the tiger

"De novo assembly of human genomes with massively parallel short read sequencing" featured on Nature China

BGI-Led Team Publishes Giant Panda Genome Paper

Rising in the East

Single Base–Resolution Methylome of the Silkworm Reveals a Sparse Epigenomic Map

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