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Until now, there are over 30 plant genomes have been published in the world. In 2011, BGI plans to coordinate the sequencing of ~150 plant genomes using the next-generation sequencing technology. We propose ~200 representative plant species that BGI looks for collaborators all over the world. Scientists are welcome to propose other interested species. The representative plant species distribute in a wide range of application areas, including grain, vegetable, fruit, flower, tree, medicinal plant, marine plant, forage, oil plant etc. All the finished and in process genome projects are supported by researchers all over the world. We are looking forward to collaborate with you on the proposed genome projects.

Project Status:   Finished  |  In process  |  Proposed  | All
Scientific name:   
Scientific name Common name Taxonomy Genome size Project status Comment
Vitis vinifera Pinot Noir Grape  Vitaceae   505 M   Finished  Read the article
Carica papaya Papaya   Caricaceae   370 M  Finished  Read the article
Zea mays Maize   Poaceae   2,300 M  Finished  Read the article
Cucumis sativus Cucumber   Cucurbitaceae   350 M  Finished  Read the article
Malus × domestica Borkh. Domesticated Apple  Rosaceae  743 M  Finished  Read the article
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